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With a fake cosmetics processing dens - Sohu rolling

My Sohu Sohu micro-blog QQ buddy Bai Shehui happy net Renren bean I post bar mobile phone Luopu Street newspaper news (reporter Fan Yun correspondent Liang Zhihong) recently, the Luopu Street "three hit" do United Food and drug administration,louboutin, bureau of area qualitative inspect,louboutin pas cher, organizing Street entire plan to do,christian louboutin pas cher, flow in the tube center, Luopu, Boulder police station office of industry and Commerce and other functional departments, to investigate a suspected counterfeit cosmetics processing dens.
Recently, the Luopu street without a license production and operation places special rectification action group in the process of movement, found three West Village of the new industrial park has a suspected counterfeit cosmetics processing dens.
The street entire plan to do immediately notify the relevant departments to verify.After verification, the suspected of counterfeiting activities dens is located in the new industrial park building A A ladder 4 buildings, covers an area of about 1500 square meters.
Law enforcement officers at the scene found dozens of suspected counterfeit international brand cosmetics and manufacturing tools, field operation staff failed to provide effective production permit and business license.
Law enforcement officers immediately seized the dens, scene temporarily "Bilunsi" oil finished 25000 bottles and essential oil ingredients, suspected counterfeits tools group.Luopu Street station take dens for pang to assist in the investigation, has been on the counterfeiting cases on file for investigation, the case is being further processed.

Tongjiang Quality Supervision Bureau to carry out special inspection of automobi

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Microsoft trump borrow Windows and Office push offensive - netwo

Abstract : a software company user group ,and Microsoft has 1300000000 PC and 1000000000 Office user user .If the user in the mobile area using Microsoft Microsoft products ,then may have striking ,in apple and Google dominates the mobile domain to grab a space for one person ,to become a competitive platform .
Keywords :Microsoft &nbsp ;Office &nbsp ;Windows &nbsp ;new topic :Jinshan PK Microsoft Office office software who advocate arena from 1979 WordStar the word processing software on office drums of war since, until now the Microsoft Office components ,as well as domestic WPS&hellip ;&hellip ;Windows and Office by Microsoft trump pushed offensive Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer ( Steve Ballmer ) that two years is not very happy .
Mobile field since he took over Huarong Gates in the Microsoft ,the technology giant in his hand the performance of steady growth ,year battalion receives 72300000000 dollar ,although writedowns of $6200000000 of assets ,but still a profit of more than $17000000000 in fiscal year .
But Ballmer leadership is still in doubt .Apple CEO Jobs Ballmer called the successful sales ,analysts also criticized Ballmer for focus and Google competition but neglect the rise of apple .
And Vanity Fair magazine is Microsoft him command of the period known as the lost ten years .In addition to the Internet domain and Google struggle a few years does not significantly improved ,louboutin,Microsoft in mobile field he suffered sluggish performance is an important reason for criticism .
Even Microsoft with Windows and Office two ace earn basin full earthen bowl is full ,also hard to hide in the mobile field loss .Originally played on Windows Mobile in intelligent mobile phone field takes the initiative ,but in the apple Google impact almost from scratch ;flat panel computer apple is more a .
In the mobile field ,Microsoft has defeated Huarong .In the face of Microsoft in his lost ten years ,this expression rich ,grumpy celebrated CEO recently finally could not resist : no, we have 1300000000 PC users ,and PC annual sales as high as 375000000 !This is lost ? as a software company ,large user Microsoft group is most proud of the capital .
Recent times conference ,Microsoft will not to mind taking the trouble to again and again in the big screen display a variety of user data .However ,PC sales growth stagnation is indisputable fact .
Last year the global intelligent mobile phone sales volume 487000000 ,has more than PC ;and iPad as the representative of the flat computer is more robust growth ,beyond the traditional PC seems to have is a matter of time .
The United States of America technology blog Business Insider a recent study showed that ,at present already 46.7% user iPad as the main daily Internet equipment .In the face of these facts ,strong as Ballmer also embarrassed .
Three consecutive conference facing the mobile Internet is strong rise abruptly, almost no contribution of Microsoft obviously felt the crisis .Loss of future mobile lose ,miss the tide of science and technology is the result of being out of the market and the current state of AOL ,Yahoo! Sigh ,while Gates is a famous saying Microsoft from bankruptcy only 18 months .
This summer is destined to become the important milepost microsoft .From June to July,christian louboutin pas cher, less than a month ,Microsoft continuously in California held the three heavyweight conference ,issued a continuous flat computer Surface ,Windows Phone 8 operating system and a new generation of Office .
Software hardware ,but the move was the only theme .Optimization design for mobile ,to touch ,Microsoft has but one purpose :to take the initiative in the mobile area ,drive own intelligent mobile phone and computer to gain popularity .
A software company user group ,and Microsoft has 1300000000 PC and 1000000000 Office user user .If the user in the mobile area using Microsoft Microsoft products ,then may have striking ,in apple and Google dominates the mobile domain to grab a space for one person ,to become a competitive platform .
Therefore ,Microsoft played most important and final trump card :Windows and Office .The two piece of business is Microsoft financial pillar ,occupy more than half of the total revenue of microsoft .
Has to have the ace capture mobile market ,and cannot influence the core business ,Microsoft will not lose .This is a Microsoft can not afford to lose the war ,lost mobile is to lose the future, Microsoft Windows and Office hope the desktop area advantage transplantation to the mobile platform ,give yourself weak mobile business into a booster .
Flat main business functions in Losangeles in June 19th, Microsoft released the independent brand Surface tablet computer ,introduced ARM model and X86 model two products .Tablet computer was pioneered by iPad, Microsoft as early as 10 years ago launched the business flat ,but this market is now iPad a .
Prior to iPad, many plate sizes vary, but mostly just a touch screen notebook ,operating system is Windows make only superficial changes ,rely on the touch control pen instead of fingers to operate .
IPad to real finger operation and mobile optimization system really created the tablet ,but also to the apple has brought huge profits ,this year is expected to iPad sales will reach 69000000 units .
See Apple monopoly market ,Microsoft finally could not resist his hand ,to launch its own hardware products .This move is surprising, because the combination of hardware and software is a typical apple style .
And Microsoft Windows started to sell the software do not rely on hardware ,rely on many PC partner was able to beat the closed apple computer .Now,louboutin pas cher, Microsoft is willing to risk offending hardware partners ,to launch start hardware ,as is the introduction of real and iPad competition flat products .
Although be long in coming ,but Surface still many highlights: in addition to shine at the moment of industrial design and configuration of hardware performance ,integrated desktop and mobile elements of the Windows 8 operating system is the biggest selling point .
Arm and X86 two versions of flat ,configuration of the price level ,but the main is business card .Surface has more interface ,it is more convenient to process the data ,the whole innovative keyboard color for text input becomes more convenient .
Although compared with iPad, Surface is not gorgeous is not entertaining ,but in business offices and other convenient work has inherent advantages .In Surface using Office software is Microsoft flagship business market is the biggest killer mace .
By Windows WP8 June 21st San Francisco ,Microsoft released a new generation of intelligent mobile phone operating system Windows Phone 8 .Intelligent mobile phone is Microsoft maximum heart ,once expected of Windows Phone 7 failed to restore the declining .
Nokia and Microsoft ,looks very beautiful ,but the actual effect is not just as one wishes .According to comScore, WP in the second quarter of the United States of America platform in intelligent mobile phone market share of only 4% ,and the Android and iOS platform for the share of 51% and 32% compared to poor .
As a warning for the future ,Microsoft decided to decide promptly and opportunely .From Google and Apple operating system products, intelligent mobile phone platform and operating system platform are gradually integrated desktop .
And Microsoft desktop operating system occupies an absolute advantage ,if Google and apple through mobile phone and computer system before ,using shared core desktop application developers to attract more convenient for the WP platform application development ,Microsoft still could turn the tide of battle, at least to win a sustainable market space .
This is Microsoft WP 8 platform to do .In addition to get through to Windows platform ,from the technical features in terms of WP ,8 is also a huge upgrade :support dual-core chips ,support for multiple resolution ,support extended memory card ,add new IE 10 browser ,support for NFC ( near field communication technology ) ,launched Wallet Hub electronic wallet function .
But the conference most concern details WP 8 does not support the WP 7 device upgrade .The current device cannot upgrade means that the current 2000000 WP 7 intelligent mobile phone users will be able to enjoy the WP 8 new platform of new advantage ,also let Microsoft most loyal partners Nokia into awkward .
The Lumia series four mobile phone sales in the United States currently only around 330000 ,while in the confirmation cannot be upgraded ,consumers are more willing to wait for Nokia designed for WP 8 research and development of intelligent mobile phone .
Because of this ,Lumia flagship mobile phone 900 in American contract price directly falling from $99 to $49 .Intelligent mobile phone platform competition ,the application was a determinant .
At present, the WP app store applications reached number 100000 ,although growth is rapid ,but still far lower than Android and the apple platform over 600000 large scale .Microsoft plans to use Windows application scale advantages ,promote the growth and popularity of the application of WP platform ,this step is the long term is obviously wise .
Just to make sure that the WP 8 competitive advantage ,at the expense of the Microsoft WP 7 intelligent mobile phone sales ,and other hardware manufacturers Nokia injured is short-term interests .
New Office booster plate of a new generation of Office includes two parts :Office 365 and Office 2013 ,and the cloud and mobile is to highlight the function of microsoft .Ballmer at the conference emphasizes for many times ,Office suitable for home for work ,suitable for small businesses for large enterprises ,is the world students .
In this slightly exaggerated expression is behind ,Microsoft strongly promote the flat users expectations .The new Office apparently placed many great expectations :Microsoft Microsoft cloud services to further promote synergistic effect ,drive Windows 8 promotion, enhance the attraction of Surface .
With Ballmer at the press conference, saying , the new Office is the essence of the fast ,smooth and can touch .And Windows 8 plate properties constitute a perfect fit, Office four Word ,PowerPoint software ,Excel and Outlook all-round support multi-touch :not only can finger retraction ,also can directly use fingers with the stylus to make notes notes .
The conference ,Microsoft are used to demonstrate the new Office tablet computer .In order to better suit flat operation ,Microsoft in details to create also spare no effort : the new Office fonts to enlarge and shrink can use fingers to control a virtual dashboard to achieve .
Even if iPad is present in the tablet market occupy 60% of the absolute superiority ,but Microsoft released Surface flat still got the market value :Office business application is Microsoft flat killer .
IPad launched two years ,Microsoft has not launched the Office application :Microsoft apparently didn Office ace applications appear in the apple tablet ,and hope to use Office to improve their own plate sales .
Even apple and Google to dominate the intelligent mobile phone and computer most share of Microsoft ,even after WP mobile phone with a variety of flat just small talk ,the market still on Microsoft mobile Raiders with optimism .
As a software giant Microsoft company ,in the desktop operating system and office software on the absolute superiority in their mobile battlefield game changing capital .As this year Windows will sell 8 high popularity ,the three field conference can be viewed as the Microsoft mobile offensive blow bugle, while Windows and Office the two user group more than 1000000000 business is their most powerful weapon .
Software giant Microsoft in the mobile market themselves ,perhaps this year 6-7 month will become the memory of Ballmer the most satisfactory one summer . :cloud era gold feast IBM the continuous launched on Lotus ,Tivoli ,Informix ,Rational and other leading software company heavyweight acquisition ,since the formation of the industry extensive middleware product family ,and grew into the world enterprise software provider .
End of a theatrical production 2010 software industry memorabilia inventory of 2010 is in the past, this year will have a few jubilate a few anxious ,a successful failure .The software industry is no exception .

Hunan Lanshan county and the round belly. Partner substandard cosmetics

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Mask cosmetics industry new point of growth - - Information Center - China Cosmetics Network - China

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Cosmetics shopping paradise Japan drugstore shopping spree benef

From the Japanese site news: Japan drugstore is definitely girls to buy cosmetics shopping paradise, go shopping in Japan, for girls, Japan drugstore is must not miss shopping locations.The drugstore cosmetics cheap, Japan's drugstore around the high streets and back lanes, even more than the convenience store trend, mainly engaged in pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and daily necessities.
The drugstore,louboutin, and not in the general sense cosmetics shop, but the combination of commodity, Xihu supplies,christian louboutin pas cher, medicines,louboutin pas cher, cosmetics sell shop.
Drugstore appeal lies in two points: one is the local brand price, two types of goods.
Is also a Shiseido, bought in drugstore, than in the general store to buy cheap 10% to 20%, the Shanghai special counter is cheaper than a half.A drugstore, and often have multiple hot brand, one will be able to sweep all goods, natural to meet girls shopping pleasure.

Automotive profit dropped into the cash cycle recommended 3 shares

[Liaoning Provincial Transportation Bureau held complete 2012 province automobil

Shanghai Customs auction of confiscated vehicles Figure - Sohu Securities

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Transit express company called cosmetics broken no responsibilit

My Sohu Sohu micro-blog QQ buddy Bai Shehui happy net Renren bean I post bar mobile phone Binzhou Morning News Hotline 2210000 July 18th - with the popularity of network, now more and more people like online shopping, not only convenient and price concessions, but the attendant express dispute also emerge in an endless stream.
The late cosmetics broken Binzhou Hu is in the online business cosmetics business.In July 10th, Ms. Hu to customer mailed a market price for 820 yuan cosmetics gift.The usual three days to reach the cargo, but five days later, the customer does not receive cosmetics, so Ms.
Hu calls Advisory express company, Zhang said cosmetics salesman now broken, unable to continue to post.Helpless, Ms. Hu out-of-pocket again send a set of cosmetics to the customer.The express delivery company blame, according to Ms.
Hu said, she mailed cosmetics is a gift set, is its own packaging, and the box stuffed with foam and newspaper."I sent in July 10th cosmetics, because do the cosmetics business know, this fragile items to strict packaging, I not only in the box with the bubble plastic wrapped in several layers, but also into the box slot with newspaper plug, made so many express, I.
Packaging and never had problems.That night the goods reach the Weifang transit station, but after a few days the customer phoned me and said the goods not to, I will then contact responsible for express delivery salesman, he began to just help me to check, did not expect today I call him,christian louboutin pas cher, and he tells me the goods broken.
Now Weifang Transit Department, unable to continue the mail.I was very angry to express delivery companies in the Shanghai headquarters to call their headquarters, said let me find Binzhou agents demanded compensation, but the Binzhou side of the agents said the clerk is the responsibility with the company, never mind.
I don't know who to call."Cosmetics is contraband?Ms. Hu told reporters, when mail cosmetics,louboutin, sales did not speak to her cosmetics is contraband, not hair."Every time I in Huitong express shipping, clerk also know I made is liquid cosmetics, but they did not tell me you post the liquid, now out of the question that liquid can not transport them, it is not obvious buck?If I'd known I would choose another courier company.
"16:00 Hsu, the reporters came to give Ms. Hu mail express the express delivery company in Binzhou city branch.A staff member in the understanding of the situation and said: "this is the clerk's negligence,louboutin pas cher, our company to transport the goods are clearly defined.
For this, the company has been punished salesman.But the shipper transport is contraband, express company is not liable for any damage, specific can contact the clerk to ask."Cosmetics to find who is going to pay?At the same time, the staff to the reporter saw a "express delivery companies receiving and sending contraband Ordinance" in this Ordinance, the overland transportation of taboo items, Twelfth wrote of taboo items, liquid including seafood, alcoholic beverages (beer, wine, etc) of water agent (etc.
).In the "express delivery contract" fourth shows: the shipper shall meet the packaging of goods, transport and handling of a reasonable request, caused by improper packing damage, the company shall not be responsible, which caused the company's losses, the shipper shall be liable for damages.
"The express delivery company regulations clarify that cannot transport contraband, and express company salesman but receiving such express, in order to better understand this, reporter phone connection to this surname clerk.
He listens to ask Ms. Hu postal damage of a thing, saying "you don't have to know about this thing."Then hang up the phone.When the reporter again call salesman Zhang, Zhang hang up the telephone again.

On network based on interest map activities invitation Website

The first floor of War luxury VS cosmetics - super department store - China Cosm

channel sink for sh

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PR award outstanding works of Art

Last year,christian louboutin pas cher, the script "catcher in the Rye" competition,louboutin pas cher, and from the 1179 works in the annual talent showing itself, won the screenplay Award for the highest.
In addition, the 3 people such as Li Ruifang won the municipal literary prize; the 11 people such as Wei Yanping won the provincial literary award.
PR Calligrapher Association,louboutin, association of artists, Art Association, association of Philatelic Association and five association was rated as advanced association, gold Yuntai art group, Tang lion dance team, mature old drum team, dance team and masses of vitality East Guan rap group five team won the best art team.

Country permanent railroad thousands thousands of comments July 24, 25 days

Yunnan cosmetics market after years of market cultivation according to the early

Wuhan mall cosmetics bottle recycling one year for 500 element - the www.cnhubei.com

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